Welcome to the official Worldsaving Championship / Worldsaving World Cup 2020

The winner of the first 2020-World Saving World Cup is:

A tortoise!

We congratulate the entire amphibian species and hope they will compete again!

#Worldsaving #Worldsavingnow

The official 2020 WSWC Anthem

Then why looks the world not safe?

The Tortoise explained in an exclusive interview: Because earth does not have a ‘UHO’.

Morbo will expose what the Tortoise is talking about!!

The future- News agency futurama.news will inform about the Tortoise efforts to use her popularity as the first official world saving contestant to promote the concept of a UHO – A United Human Organization.

Also coming to you in future news:

A puny human claims to be an alien and annoys copyrights all over the world!

To clarify:

The World Saving World Cup does not claim that a tortoise saved the world. However we know that this specific tortoise did everything in her powers she could do to save the world. She was a tortoise. She also got more support then she could hope for: help of another thinking and feeling species! This is what this world cup is about: If you want to save the world more – then anything else, then you be yourself and ask for help of other species!

Board of Advisors of YOUR official World Saving World Cup, 2020

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The current only running registrant for the next World Cup is xeo, hence send your registration please through the masterplan.world or inform @WirVsVirus on twitter about your plan.

The creator and the entire board of advisors of this system is xeo, you can support them if you can find any means to support them – which is not easy at the time being!

Any strategy to let somebody more qualified take over this project was not applied by xeo, if you know of one please apply it and make them future xeo!

The current board of directors of the official World Saving World Cup tries to make this domain as useful and beautiful as they can, but they need your help 🙂

Stay Life!